Spring is here!

I went for a walk in the sunshine today and I actually had to take off my coat it was so warm, hooray! There were birds, butterflies and bees everywhere I looked, and the spring flowers were deinately a sight for sore eyes after the winter.

To welcome springtime into my home I decided to make a spring wreath. It was so simple and looks great hung on my mantlepiece. It’s an easy way to bring fresh colour into your home, and to use up all those pieces of leftover fabric!

All you need is some florist wire, which you wind round to make a circle, scraps of fabric cut into small strips, and some ribbon for hanging. Once you have your circle of wire just tie the fabric scraps on. Keep adding as many as you can until there is no wire visible, then decide which way you want to hang it. Tie your ribbon on at the top and pin up wherever you want to welcome spring in!

I hope you enjoy making one yourself, would love to see pictures of any finished projects.

Enjoy the sunshine!




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