The pastille Dress

So, today I decided, was the day to get down to it and finish the dress I mentioned I was working on in my last post. I set myself down with a cup of tea and a couple of my favourite biscuits and got to work. I had tacked the bodice to the skirt and tried it on last time I was working on it and decided it was a little too short, a common problem for me as I am taller than average. I thought I would try adding a waistband in the middle of the two peices, about 2 inches in width. I tacked it in place and it seemed to work, bringing the waistline down slightly. It left the skirt sitting perfectly on my hips too whereas before it was a little too high up.

So, I went for it, sewing everything together, adding the zip, a yellow one to contrast the blue, then sewing in the pleats and finishing with a small hem, and here it is, the finished dress…

I really love the length it is on me, often dresses are too short but this is just right. I also love the neck line and the pleats too. Hope you like it! Can’t wait to choose some nice summer fabric to make to make a final version.



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