Spring/Summer Challenge

So, the day after I blogged about my goal for this year Colette Patterns announced their Spring & Summer Palette Challenge! I was very excited to read about it and have been following further posts including people’s mood boards and some completed items already posted which are very lovely. Last week I decided to go on a few adventures around Edinburgh to inspire myself for my own challenge.

I started off with a trip to the Grassmarket area where there are a number of independent fashion and art boutiques and also some of the best vintage shops too. I visited Herman Brown and Armstrong’s, which are both vintage shops and have the most amazing collections of clothing and accessories. In Herman Brown they had a beautiful collection of silky vintage tops, slips, dresses and skirts, all hung together and in this season’s beautiful pastel shades, think peach, aqua, lemon… I wanted the whole rail! Then in Armstrongs, I was particularly drawn to their huge collection of really sweet vintage aprons in allsorts of colours and prints. They inspired me to make my own vintage apron which I will be sure I tell you all about next time.

Next I went into Godiva, who also have a vintage clothing section but in the front of the shop house clothing from independent designers and even have a made to measure service. The clothing is so creative, it was great to see peices that were completely different from anything else around at the moment and so individual. There are two other stores I found who are similar in this; Totty Rocks and the Athena Boutique, unfortunately Totty Rocks was closed but if you look on their website you will see how incredible their designs are. Athena Boutique was a brilliant find, again showcasing some of the amazing independant and local designers, including those of shop owner Becky Rawlinson who I got to have a lovely chat with too!

Yesterday I took a trip to the high street to see what’s available and to be honest I didn’t trek around loads of places because I don’t find it as inspiring as the independent shops. There were some nice designs and I loved the fresh and bright spring colours that are about but I decided I would call it a day and start working on my own ideas, so, armed with my sketchbook, some magazines and colouring pencils I got to work and this is what I discovered…

I love pastel colours! Nudes, peaches, pinks, blues all tend to suit me as I am very fair with blonde hair, so I definately want to incorporate these colours into my wardrobe, or should I say more of them!

I really love floral prints. Most of the pictures I have collected have been floral dresses, I was a bit surpired to realise just how many I collected and therefore how much I like them, but I also realised that you can have too much of a good thing and although they are pretty I have to watch how many prints I have in my wardrobe – there are only so many days that are sunny enough for a girly picnic outfit here in Scotland anyway!

I was really drawn to the bright and bold colours that seem to be around at the moment. I love anything in coral and have a few things but would like to make more, and I have a lot of things in blue, especially navy blue so I need to steer away from making anything in that colour, this week I have left the house wearing navy blue head to toe! I also included a stripy top because I love them, but I have a lot already… and a butterfly print top. I like the new prints that are around at the moment incorporating bold florals, butterflies and birds. I would love to make a cute top with one of these prints. There are a few more things I have posted on Pinterest to inspire me too.

So with all this inspiration I then started to think about patterns. I want to keep things simple and not take on too much so have decided I will try to make the Pastille Dress which I’ve just practiced, a simple shift dress I saw in Cloth Magazine, and at least one variation of the Sorbetto Top which I have made earlier this year. Now it’s off to the fabric shops…!

So, how about you? What are your current projects and challenges as a seamstress? Would love to hear about them as I update you on mine.


Colette Patterns Fall Palette Challenge


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