Beautiful Bias Binding

I love silk scarves. There are so many around at the moment and when I saw this one I knew it would go so well with some hot pink material I am using to make a shift dress, so I decided to turn it into bias binding. This is such a good thing to learn to do, it means whatever you’re making you can easily make sure there is binding that will compliment your project instead of having to hunt high and low. It also means you can re-use old pieces of fabric or scraps that aren’t big enough for anything else.

The first thing to say is that bias binding must be made out of fabric cut on the cross, which will enable it to bind curved seams without puckering and will give you a really nice finish, the diagram below shows you the right way to cut strips of fabric to achieve this. It also makes it easier if you begin with a square piece of fabric. Next you need to decide how wide you want your binding to be. I cut strips that were 4cm wide based on some other binding I had already, this allowed for the finished binding to be 2cm wide.

Once you have decided this you can make your markings on the fabric. It is up to you how you mark the guidelines, I suppose it will depend on the fabric you are using, maybe chalk or fabric pen would be good, or sometimes I iron creases where I want to cut. To be honest, I just went for it but it depends how confident you are with those scissors! The diagram instructs you to cut off the corner first and discard this. They have shown to make the corner twice the width of the strips you are cutting. You must also cut away a triangle at the top of each strip to ensure that they are the right shape for sewing together.

Next, you start to sew the strips together. Place them right sides together in the position show in the picture below. I found it tempting to try and match the ends up exactly but you must make sure there is an overlap like the picture otherwise there will be a gap along the side when you open the strips out.

Once they are all sewn together it is a good idea to iron out the seams as shown and to trim the edges. For the last part, folding the binding you can get a bias binding tool, but I didn’t have one and managed to find this great tutorial on how to do it yourself by creative little daisy. I found it worked really well, although it was a bit tricky with my silky fabric.

As I passed it through the pin I wound it round a piece of cardboard for safe keeping, and here it is finished!

I plan to use it along the hemline of my shift dress and possibly along the edge of a peach chiffon top I am making, will keep you posted on these.

Would love to know how you get on with trying this out,



2 thoughts on “Beautiful Bias Binding

  1. That tip for folding the binding is really clever Iona.x Love your crochet blanket too. You are so creative and i love the style of your writing too.

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