Baby Blanket Tutorial

Peter's Blanket

A few friends have had little ones over the past year and I love to give something that can be treasured and hopefully used again for the next one too (no pressure girls!) ;)  Anyway, my inspiration for baby Peter’s blanket (isn’t he cute by the way?!) was a from Pinterest, unfortunately I can’t find the original pin to show you but there wasn’t a pattern or tutorial anyway, and it’s easy to do when you know the basic crochet stitches.

I’m not sure if you can make out the detail in these pictures, but the blanket was actually made using three strands of wool all together as one. I chose a light green, a bright yellow and white, all in baby soft wool. It took me a while to choose, I tried out a few combinations to see what the overall effect would be first which is easy enough to do because the stitches work up quite quickly.

I used a 12mm hook and worked in double crochet for the main body of the blanket. I didn’t count stitches, I just carried on making the initial chain stitches until I liked the look of the width and then kept making rows until I liked the length! Once finished on the main part I worked triple crochet stitches all around the edges, using three stitches in one at the corners. I also added a daisy granny square (tutorial for daisy here) to the front which you can see below.

As you can see it is plenty big enough to make sure Peter stays warms and snuggly, which is needed here in Scotland! Peter’s mum says she has enjoyed using it for keeping him covered whilst in the pram out and about. It is also quite thick and would be good to use for laying baby out on. I loved making this. It worked up so quickly I think it took me about a day in total. I would definitely make another for the next baby to arrive!

Hope you like it!


Peter's Blanket 2